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Important Free Advertising Programs For
Your MLM, Mail Order Or Direct Sales Business!

Over the years we have found that free classified ads will bring you business when no other type of advertising works. We have been offering free classifieds to the Internet Community since 1996. In addition to our classifieds, we offer several other free advertising programs. The secret to success with your free classified ads, or paid classifieds for that matter is good ad copy. We recommend you read our article, Writing Classified Ads That Pull before placing your ads.

I gotta tell you . . . the programs we've listed below are the very best I've found. I've been using most of these free traffic programs since I've been on the Internet and they still send me a steady stream of visitors. Give them a try.

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Free Classified Ads

This is by far the best classified ad program on the Internet . . . and it's FREE! I've tried
them all! I've roamed the World (Wide Web) placing classified ads here and there, with
few results. I finally found the secret. And it works! This is classified advertising at it's best.
It's great. Check it out and you'll agree! And . . . it's FREE!

Dollar Day Special

Available for a limited time only . . . leading marketing book to help you get your business
started and help you to build your internet income.

Link Referral

Link Referral provides two great ways to get traffic to your site, ranking high in our member's
site directory, and our multi-level marketing referral program, which is a hands off method
to see increased traffic month after month.

Your F R E E Ad on Thousands of Pages!

Our new marketing system will send guaranteed real prospects to your website totally free.
There is absolutely no cost to you now or in the future!

Traffic Swarm

Targeted prospects will swarm your site 24/7! Just a few minutes to set-up, it's automated,
"viral" and proven - and you get 100 FREE bonus credits for joining! Yes . . . it's FREE!

One last word . . . These programs are tested and proven to work for you. They do require some
effort on your part to be successful. You can not simply signup and then sit back and wait on a
miracle. These are outstanding programs and will bring you plenty of FREE TRAFFIC but you must
promote them and work with them. With that said, I wish you great success in your internet home
business venture.

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